What is Socca Chips® ?

Socca Chips® has already conquered the palate of many gourmets. Fine square slices, golden, crisp, with a subtle and unique chickpea taste. It will not come to invade your taste buds with fake flavors too pronounced, too chemical, too salty, too much engineered. It will surprise you with its novelty, originality and naturalness. Socca Chips® is presented as a 100% natural, gluten-free, vegan and comes from a beautiful Mediterranean culinary tradition: the Socca.

Also available in ORGANIC version.

Ingredients: chickpea flour, olive oil, salt, pepper and sunflower oil for cooking..

Vary the pleasures with Socca Chips® garlic and rosemary, the new flavors!


What is SoccApéro® ?

Your new playful, creative and convivial aperitif product, made from selected raw materials and 100% natural origin! Gluten free, with no flavor enhancer. Everything is organised, there is only water to add, the "peps" to shake, a little patience to let rest, a hot stove and “voila”! A new way to enhance Mediterranean culinary heritage!

Also available in ORGANIC version.

Ingredients: chickpea flour, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Socca in the pan, in 2 min it is now possible! 



Who is Luc Salsedo ?

A chef from Nice who worked alongside great chefs and who ran his own restaurant for 14 years in Nice.
With a loyal clientele, local and international, he has transmitted his love for simple cuisine, natural, tasty but also for quality products respecting the seasons and traditions.

Four years ago, he made the leap to embark on the great adventure of Créations Luc Salsedo® of which Socca Chips® was the first innovation followed by SoccApéro®, marketed in 2019.

Break Gourmand tomorrow ...

The vocation of Break Gourmand is in the short term to offer you other mediterranean products selected by the Chef and in the medium term to offer you new innovations Créations Luc Salsedo®.
We have not finished surprising you ... Let's live together in this beautiful gourmet adventure that will offer you some nice surprises ...