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For the record, we started the Break Gourmand Adventure at the end of 2018 with products from « les Créations Luc Salsedo® », Socca Chips® and SoccApéro® to meet the needs of our consumers who could not find these products in their local stores.

In this dynamic, we also wanted to extend our offer in order to offer you, new brands and new unique and original products, selected by Chef Luc Salsedo!

Visit Break Gourmand regularly!
Let us know your feedback, your ideas and your suggestions on our social networks, and together, let's go to new “culinary” destinations, each more gourmet than the next !!

Break Gourmand
Luc Salsedo

But who is Luc Salsedo®?

Luc Salsedo trained for over 20 years in top restaurants, before opening his own office in his home town, Nice. Explorer of taste, constantly on the lookout for new discoveries, one day he improvises small crisps with what was left of socca, the famous galette made from chickpea flour. Immediate success!
It was then, in 2014, that he decided to embark on the adventure of « les Créations Luc Salsedo® » of which Socca Chips® was the first innovation, followed by SoccApéro®, launched in 2019.
Distributed throughout France and even internationally, Luc Salsedo's products will always be made locally, and with natural products. This is our commitment!
Our inspiration is you!

Luc Salsedo

Do you know Socca Chips® and SoccApéro®?

Socca Chips®, who started it all

Since their creation in 2014, these square, golden and crispy strips have delighted millions of consumers who adore their unique, original and natural taste of chickpeas. Vegan friends, gluten allergic to gluten, you also have the right to treat yourself, so let yourself be tempted! We also have a variation with flavors of garlic and rosemary for the more curious.

Come back to see us regularly, we will surely surprise you again!

Ingredients: chickpea flour, olive oil, salt, pepper and a final cooking in sunflower oil.

Socca Chips®

SoccApéro®, innovation in the bottle

Baking pancakes is so easy ... Almost as easy as making socca! Because with the SoccApéro® preparation, that's exactly what will happen. This preparation kit allows you to make 3-4 absolutely perfect chickpea flour pancakes. Everything is already planned. You just have to add water, some "pep" to shake, a little patience to let stand, a very hot pan and you're done!
And of course, this product is gluten-free, preservative-free, and also exists in an organic version.